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Committees & Background Guides

model ICAO
model ICAO

In this section, you will find the literature that will support the delegations in their preparation for the ModelICAO.


L’ABC de l’OACI, Mathieu Vaugeois and Louis-Philippe Gagné with an important bibliography about ICAO.


Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) : Vincent Correia


Topic 1: Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions produced by aviation: Addressing the compatibility of international and regional instruments

Topic 2: Hybrid electric and electric propulsion for aircraft

Legal Committee : Pablo Mendes De Leon


Topic 1: Fair competition’ in international air transport

Topic 2: Passenger protection in international air transport

Committee on Aviation Security : Sylvain Lefoyer


Topic 1: Plan mondial (GASEP), réforme du programme d’audit de sûreté USAP-CMA, quelle est la prochaine étape?

Topic 2: Advance passenger information (API), passenger name record (PNR), from facilitation to counter-terrorism

Committee on Economic Development of Air Transport : Mate Gergely

Topic 1: The Question of Foreign Ownership and Control

Topic 2: The Question of Air Passenger Protection

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