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Individual distinctions:


  •  Outstanding Delegate Award - The Best Delegate of all delegations

  •  Best Ambassador - The Best ambassador in the Permanent Council

  •  Best Delegate in committee - The Best delegate for each committee

  •  Best Position paper - The two best Position papers in every committee

Distinctions by delegation:


  • Outstanding Delegation - One Award for all delegation

  • Distinguished Delegation - One Award for all delegation

  • Honourable Delegation - One Award for all delegation

Procedure of attribution:

  • Outstanding Delegate Award : Distinction given by the directors and chairmen selected between the four Best delegates in committee and the Best Ambassador.

  • Best Delegate Award by committee : Distinction awarded after two rounds of voting. In the first circuit, the pairs vote for the three best delegates in each committee. In the second round, the president, and the committee director will rank the delegate among the three nominees.

  • Best Ambassador Award : Distinction awarded by the President and the Director of the Permanent Council d

  • Delegation Awards : The three distinctions will be given by the presidents and directors of the Committees.

  • Best Position paper : The best positions will be selected by the director of each committee.

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