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The model


The Model ICAO is organized by the Quebec Society of International Law (SQDI) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


The Model ICAO aims to expose students to real high-level diplomatic and technicals discussions, bringing them to embody the roles of official delegates representing the positions of their assigned country in an important multilateral institution. The event takes a look deep inside the black box of an international diplomatic body attached to the UN. In this sense, treaties, procedures, decorum and the course of the simulation are part of the spirit of the organization.

The Model ICAO will welcome delegates from post-secondary institutions and will take place in Montréal at the ICAO headquarters. It will be held in English and French.

Delegations will be composed of a minimum of five students per country and a maximum of nine students (two members by committee and an Ambassador). The institution may send up to three delegations to represent three different countries.

Prior to the meeting, must conduct in-depth research on the positions of the countries and issues of the committees to which they have been assigned. Delegates should familiarize themselves in the principles of negociation and speech delivery and be ready to draft resolutions in proper format.

Meetings with representatives/ambassadors

In order to optimize the educational experience and make it as realistic as possible, student delegations will be matched with actual representatives of the country to which they are assigned. We strongly encourage delegations to maintain frequent communications with the subject-matter experts assigned to them, as the individuals will prove to be invaluable sources of information.

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