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How to lend a hand

The ModelICAO could not happen without the participation of all partners and volunteers who make it a unique event. We constantly strive to improve the experience and the ranks of our partners and volunteers. If you would like to join us, support the project or donate your time for the event, your help is welcome.

We are also looking for volunteers who want to get involved in the preparation and during the ModelICAO. Volunteers of all backgrounds are welcome. Briefly, we need volunteers to act as a Director, Assistant director or Chair on the different Dais, and also in other roles. If you would like to join us, send us your resume by highlighting the skills you consider relevant to the simulation. We will contact you afterwards, according to our needs. Please contact us by email at


















model ICAO Montreal
Open Positions

  • Call for Applications - Chair in Committee*
    Click on the title for a description of all tasks regarding the 2019 edition.

    How to apply?
    Send an email to including your CV, and half a page answer to the following question:
    "What is your vision of the ideal president?".

    Deadline to apply: March 3rd, 2023


  • Call for Volunteers*
    Click on the title for a description of the position.

    How to apply?
    Send an email to including your CV, and your availabilities.

    Deadline to apply: April 1st, 2023


* Only successful candidates will be contacted.


The Director is the final authority on substantive matters in committee. As such, the Director, and the Assistant Director if necessary, will often require revisions to a working paper, including changes in format and/or content, before it can be submitted to the committee at large.

According to the ICAO mission, the purpose of editing is only educational and the Director must fulfill the following tasks:

  • Ask delegates to remove duplication of prior work of the committee;

  • Ask delegates to remove items that are factually incorrect;

  • Encourage delegates to work towards resolving the topic at hand, if the content of the paper does not directly address it;

  • Ask delegate to clarify items such as the budgeting and finance of their proposals, how the proposals will be operationalized and by whom, and the timeframe of the proposals;

  • Prompt delegates to develop their ideas with pertinent questions.


Chair in Committee

The Chair is in charge of leading the committee’s formal debate in accordance to the ModelICAO Rules of Procedure. Working with the Director, the Chair assures that the committee operates in a efficient manner. This position requires a very thorough working knowledge of the rules of procedure and a professional presence on the dais. Chair applicants should have significant Model United Nations experience, particularly at the NMUN Conference.

Chair must fulfill the following tasks:

  • Runs motions and procedures and acts as the arbiter of deliberations;

  • Supports the Director in the correction of working documents produced by the committee;

  • Manages interactions between DAIS and delegates.


We are also looking for volunteers who would like to be involved in the organization by helping during the ModelICAO. These people will be ask to assist the organizers to make sure that the ModelICAO runs in a efficient manner. This opportunity is perfect for those wishing to develop skills in facilitation of debate, conflict resolution and customer service while learning alongside delegates about emerging global issues and discovering an international organization.

Faculty Speakers

If your university or faculty wishes to engage in the ModelACO, we are happy to discuss with them. Whether to support the project as a consultant, partner university or to join the pool of participating delegations, please contact us by email at

Financial Partners

If you want to support the ModelICAO financially, do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly looking for private partners, public or para-public and can provide visibility at the event or on the promotional material. For more details, please contact us at the following address:

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