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Committees & Background Guides

model ICAO
model ICAO

In this section, you will find the literature that will support the delegations in their preparation for the ModelICAO.


L’ABC de l’OACI, Mathieu Vaugeois and Louis-Philippe Gagné with an important bibliography about ICAO.


Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) : 


Topic 1: The challenges of decarbonisation for aviation

Topic 2: Funding sustainable developments in aviation through in particular air navigation charge 

Legal Committee : 


Topic 1: Towards a common definition or towards the removal of the notion “ownership and control”.  Maximizing the benefits for the industry and the consumer

Topic 2: Social sustainability - more specifically factors limiting the effectiveness of regulations concerning the rights of passengers with impaired mobility when travelling by air.  The need for a single legal instrument.

Committee on Aviation Safety : 


Topic 1: Addressing the Threat of Counterfeit Aircraft Parts

Topic 2: Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations and Tracking of Aircraft in Distress

Committee on Economic Development of Air Transport : 

Topic 1: Fair competition

Topic 2: Taxation of international air transport

Committee on Aviation Security:

Topic 1: Cyber security

Topic 2: Conflict zones

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