Committees & Background Guides

In this section, you will find the literature that will support the delegations in their preparation for the ModelICAO.


L’ABC de l’OACI, Mathieu Vaugeois and Louis-Philippe Gagné with an important bibliography about ICAO.


Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) : Vincent Correia


Topic 1: Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions produced by aviation: Addressing the compatibility of international and regional instruments

Topic 2: Hybrid electric and electric propulsion for aircraft

Legal Committee : Pablo Mendes De Leon


Topic 1: Fair competition’ in international air transport

Topic 2: Passenger protection in international air transport

Committee on Aviation Security : Sylvain Lefoyer


Topic 1: Plan mondial (GASEP), réforme du programme d’audit de sûreté USAP-CMA, quelle est la prochaine étape?

Topic 2: Advance passenger information (API), passenger name record (PNR), from facilitation to counter-terrorism

Committee on Economic Development of Air Transport : Mate Gergely

Topic 1: The Question of Foreign Ownership and Control

Topic 2: The Question of Air Passenger Protection


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