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Message de Catherine Guillemart
Head of Public Affairs Canada
Airbus Representative for ICAO at Airbus

Thanks to ICAO, the global sector is aligned, for the first time, behind the same CO2 emissions reduction goal. It is Airbus’ ambition to lead the decarbonisation of the sector. Right now, we are at a tipping point, but there is a new confidence in our industry that we can rise to the challenge ahead. The adoption by ICAO and its 193 Member States of a Long-Term Aspirational Goal to reach ‘net-zero carbon emissions by 2050’ at its 41st Assembly has created a window of opportunity to forge a truly global approach to tackling CO2 emissions. This is injecting further momentum into the sector’s decarbonisation. Decarbonising our industry will require an unparalleled act of cooperation between industry, governments, airlines, airports, energy companies and civil society. At the same time we are entering an era of astonishing technological change, with digitalisation, electrification, renewable energy, new materials and autonomous flight all set to transform aerospace as we know it.


Obviously, environmental objectives are high on everybody’s agenda but for them to be attainable we must also remain focused on the overarching structure of our industry and continue to address the legal and economic challenges of aviation. And we must do this while keeping safety and security, which are at the core of everything we do, front of mind. This is an incredibly exciting time to be working in the aerospace industry and we can look forward to the future with cautious optimism. Within the next 10 years, generations Y and Z will account for 70% of our employees and developing all-electric, hybrid vehicles, hydrogen or other low-emission technologies will require the smartest, most diverse, forward-thinking talents. By pioneering sustainable aerospace together, we can remain a force for good. We need to keep the enthusiasm alive, and accelerate the actions required to reach that Long-Term Aspirational Goal by 2050. 

Your work here at ICAO is key to the decarbonisation of our industry and we wish you all the best as you take on this exciting challenge! The success of this event is not only about the winning team, but also about all of you working together to make the world a beautiful place! Good luck!

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