Message from Dr Fang Liu, General Secretary
International Civil Aviation Organization

It’s ICAO’s great privilege to once again provide its partnership and support for the 2019 Model ICAO.


This collaboration with the Faculty of Political Science and Law of UQAM is more important than ever today given the forecast growth for air transport globally, high levels of attrition in the current aviation workforce, and the vast numbers of skilled professionals we will therefore need across our sector in the decades ahead.

While many of our needs will be for engineers, pilots and other skilled professionals, aviation is also an intensively multilateral domain requiring the skills and perspectives of diplomats, negotiators, lawyers, economists and other professionals who are familiar with the history and complexity of our operations and the agreements which support them.


This makes the Model ICAO an essential forum where the next generations of aviation managers and leaders can hone their skills and improve their understanding of our fascinating network and its role in global affairs.


It’s my honour to welcome you to this latest Model ICAO, an event we hope will only become more relevant in the years ahead, in conjunction with our ICAO Global Summits for Next Generation Aviation Professionals. The first of these was held in Montreal last 27-28 November 2017, and we were grateful for the participation of the Faculty of Political Science and Law of UQAM in our student-focused activities there.


On behalf of ICAO, its Member States and staff, I thank you for your interest in the safety, security, efficiency, economic viability and environmental responsibility of global aviation, and wish you all a very dynamic and rewarding 2019 Model ICAO.


Dr. Fang Liu

Secretary General

International Civil Aviation Organization