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Frequently ask questions


  1. May highschool students attend?
    Unfortunately, no. Model IACO is strictly open to postsecondary students.

  2. Where is the conference held?
    Model IACO will take place in its entirety within the offices of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal.

  3. Is our delegation required to stay at a particular hotel?
    It is strongly suggested to sleep at the designed hotel.
    For the prices and other information, please consult the Lodging and transportation page.


  1. When do we register?
    Registration opens is indicate in the section "Calendar". Furthermore, each registration must be completed online.

  2. How do we request a country assignment?
    All requests concerning the country assignment must be made through the registration online form, which shall be send to:
    All applications received before the deadline will be treated equally. However, those received after the deadline are accepted on a first-come, first-served based.
    On the registration online forme, you must write five countries (among the 36 available) your delegation would like to represent at the Model IACO.

  3. What is the minimum number for each delegation?
    Considering all country are represented on each comity, the minimum is five delegates.

  4. What is the maximum number for each delegation?
    Model IACO accepts up to two delegates per delegation in a single comity. So, the maximum number for a delegation is 9.

  5. Do we need a faculty advisor or a head delegate in order to participate?
    Faculty advisor : no, it is not required to have a faculty advisor.
    Head delegate : Model IACO strongly recommends that each delegation have a head delegate. Please consult our Policies and codes of conduct page for more information.

Cost & payment

  1. How much does the conference cost?
    In a delegation of 5 delegates, the cost (excluding taxes) by delegate is $ 125 per person (registration and lunch included). The details can be find in the Cost page.

  2. Is there a fee for the head delegates?
    No. When registering, the head delegate pay the same price as the other delegates.

  3. Is there a fee for the faculty advisors or the guests?
    No. When registering, the faculty advisors pay the same price as the other delegates.
    Each delegation is limited to three guests. Briefly, they will be considered as observers. They are obliged to keep the same policies and codes of conduct as other delegates . Guests must pay a fee of 50$ (valid for five days of the conference and opening / closing ceremonies).

  4. Where and how do I submit payments?
    We accept checks or bank transfers.


  1. Where do I send my position paper?
    All of your position papers (four per delegation, so one per committee) must be send to:
    For details about position papers and submission dates, please refer to the right article.

  2. Who can I ask about the rules of procedure?
    If your faculty advisor can’t answer about the rules of procedure, you can send us an email at :

  3. What is the dress code?
    Any clothing worn during ModelICAO must be worn with professionalism and modesty. Set in the ICAO offices, we expect all delegates, faculty advisors or guests to adopt decorum style. If any garment or accessory is deemed inappropriate by a member staff, the person will be requested to leave the premises and go get changed. The wrongdoer will again be accepted at the scene of the simulation once the situation is corrected.
    For a more detailed description of the dress code of the delegate, please see the Policies page and Code of Conduct in the Documentation section.

  4. What language is used in ModelICAO?
     French and English are the only languages accepted during ModelICAO

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