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A key to success

The ICAO Simulation is an educational activity placing students in situations of research, development and creation of detailed and informed policy positions. Negotiation skills acquired during the final activity are transversal and are acquired rich in potential for the student.

This is why thorough preparation for this activity is essential to get the maximum experience of the ModelICAO. In order to achieve this, students are encouraged to write and develop classroom resolutions/reports. However, during the conference, we will not accept the resolutions / reports that were written before the start of the simulation.

Although these guides should be carefully studied, students must do research outside of the various documents available on this site in order to get a deeper understanding of the structure of the Organization of International Civil Aviation, subjects and committees. We invite you to consult the documents located at the end of this page to be aware of the Council’s regulations and its technical committees.

Model of ICAO
Regulation | Model of the International Civil Aviation Organization

Consult the Official Regulation regarding the Model of the International Civil Aviation Organization
Delegate Guide


In the Delegate Guide, you will find an ovierview of the Model, provide the tools to prepare the Model.


Delegate Guide


Schedule 2024 - To be confirmed


Rules of Procedure


The procedures allow the smooth running of formal sessions of the Technical Committees and Council of Ambassadors.

The order in which these procedures are listed represents their hierarchy and the priority given to each of them. We can not deal with, for example, a motion to adjourn the meeting before a motion to suspend the meeting.


Rules of procedure

Rules of precedure - Overview

Documents type for the Committee

Working Paper

Documents type for the crisis situation

Joint Declaration
Joint Action Plan
Risk Mitigation Plan

Plagiarism - zero tolerance

IMPORTANT: ModelICAO will not tolerate plagiarism. The position paper, either partially or in its entirety, can not be the result of fraudulent appropriation of someone else’s ideas.

We mean by plagiarism:

  • Copying a passage from a book, magazine or web page without crediting the source;

  • Summarize the original idea of ​​an author by expressing it in his own words, but by failing to indicate the source;

  • Translating a text, either partially or totally, without crediting the source;

  • Using the work of another person and present it as his own (and even if this person has agreed);

  • Buy a work on the web;

  • Or any other reproduction deemed fraudulent by the administration of ModelICAO.

Going against this rule could result in the expulsion of the offending student of the ModelICAO.

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