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Why participate


Serving you experience

  • Quality training tools developed by the industry and experts in the field.

  • Two networking cocktails in the presence of permanent representations and various companies in the aeronautics sector.

  • Awards for the best delegations and the opportunity to showcase your participation to professionals, organizations and lobbys of the civil aviation.

Model of ICAO Montreal
Model of ICAO Montreal

Diplomacy under the perspective of law

  • Model ICAO offers the opportunity to confront knowledge and pratice of international law.

  • Model ICAO is a unique experience to work in a growing  branch of international law with multiple ramifications.

  • Model ICAO is the occasion for jurists to put into practice their expertise in a complex and multidisciplinary environme

Technology in support to diplomacy

  • Model ICAO allows students to develop and practice their technical knowledge.

  • Model ICAO encourages the search for innovative solutions to real problematics of the civil aviation sector.

  • The simulation offers the opportunity to work in collaboration with the aerospace industry.

Model of ICAO montreal
Model of ICAO montreal

Consensus in the service of diplomacy

  • The Model ICAO is specific in relationship between the ambassador and the delegate. While the latter negociate in his committee, he must report on the progress of the discussions  to his ambassador.

  • Technical delegates are experts in the service of their state. Ambassadors are the link between the positions of the different states.

  • Model ICAO is based on a culture of negociation and persuasion, foundations of the diplomacy of this organization.

Management as a diplomacy tool

  • Model ICAO is the perfect environment to put into practice your lobbyist skills and abilities.

  • Exploit the tools you have acquired as part of a multidisciplinary team facing the callenges of tomorrow.

  • The simulation allows you to become, for the time of an edition, a true manager of a diplomatic mission in the middle of negociations.

Model of ICAO montreal
Model of ICAO Montreal
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