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Presidente : Léticia Villeneuve, University of Oxford

Léa Pelletier-Marcotte
Thomas Dumoulin
Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)

Director: Alex Iordan, Project Manager, Carbon Consult Group
President: Vincent Marx

Working group on Economic Development of Air Transport

Director: Thomas Dumoulin, Graduate Research assistant
President: Loic Veza, M.A. Applied Policy Studies

Legal Committee

Director: Me Léa Pelletier-Marcotte, NOVAlex Law Firm and Legal Clinic
President: Ivanka Bilos, senior advisor, National Bank

Committee on aviation security

Director: Valériane Thool, International joint PhD programme, UQAM & UT1 Capitole
President: Marissa de la Torre Ugarte, B.A. political science, Best delagate Award, Model ICAO 2016


Secretary General: Pierrick Pugeaud, founder and director of the Model ICAO
Deputy Secretary-General: Mehdi Saher, Financial Services Manager, BMO Financial Group

Mehdi Saher
Pierrick Pugeaud
Loic Veza
Léticia Villeneuve
Vincent Marx
Alex Iordan
Valeriane Thool
Marissa de la Torre Ugarte
Ivanka Bilos

Secretariat - 2017

Mode of ICAO montreal
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