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Chair in committee


Chair in committee – Model ICAO


23th to 27th of May 2022 + one training day To be determined



The chair is responsible for the procedural functions of the committee. Working with the Director, he assures that the committee operates in a smooth and efficient manner. This position requires a very thorough working knowledge of the rules of procedure and a professional presence on the dais. Chair applicants should have significant ModelICAO experience, or general model UN experience. To ensure consistency and overall preparedness, there will be a mandatory training session for all selected committee chairs. This training session will help both new and returning chairs familiarize themselves with the rules being implemented at the conference.



  • Primarily focus on pedagogical attitude towards the delegates

  • Represent and implement in the best way the values of Model ICAO within the committee, teamwork, respect, and consensus.

  • Collaborate with the director of committee to show a united front as a dais in the committee.

  • Follow the guidelines given by the organization and be able to adapt the new guidelines given during the conference.

  • Supervise and assess the level of the delegates during formal and informal session

  • Be ready to be challenged by delegates, faculty advisors and ambassadors regarding rules of procedure

  • Be able to stay composed during stressful situations such as successive deadlines



ICAO Headquarters – Montréal






Send a CV and a cover letter, maximum one page, to, before December 15.

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